Fortnite – An Insanely Popular

Fortnite Battle Royale is not just the biggest and most popular game right now; it’s actually turned into some sort of a cultural phenomenon. Launched in July 2017, Fortnite has risen to become arguably the
most important online video game in the face of this planet. From frat house parties, to middle-school playgrounds to million-view YouTube live streams, Fortnite is a 100-player last-man-standing videogame
shooter that’s passionately discussed in high-school cafeterias, obsessed over by athletes and rappers, and religiously played by over 125 million people! What has actually propelled Fortnite Battle Royale to such unimaginable heights? Here’s everything you need to know about this video game that’s reigning supreme, perhaps much bigger than the legendary Minecraft.

What is it about?

The basic element of the Fortnite Battle Royale gaming is that it requires players to collaborate with the main mission being to survive in an open-world environment by avoiding a barrage of missiles from
other characters who are controlled either by other players or the game itself. Most players are no longer interested in the original version, which was strategy-focused, single-player type of game that’s
known as Save the World. Instead, players are now more obsessed with the stand-alone last-man-standing version, which is
known as the Battle Royale. In this version, a player can take on up to 100 other players by themselves, with a partner or as part of a four-player gang to find how who has the wit to survive longest against the rivals in a continuously-decreasing battle arena. Even though the Save the World version looks similar to the Battle Royale, it’s played solo. The player
takes on Husks, zombie-like creatures with the main objective of saving the world from, of course, these zombies. Another important aspect of this game is that players are supposed to gather materials and create
structure to defend themselves from the expected barrage of fire that the opponents will use to eliminate them. Players have a whole lot of firearms, explosives and melee weapons that should be used to defeat opponents. The game also provides a playground mode where players can practice
how to build defensive structures, test their aiming skills using a myriad of guns.

In order to play this game, players have to create an account by simply providing a verifiable email address, and then creating a username.
Although Fortnite is rated 12+ by Pan European Game Information (PEGI), the game has no age restrictions and can be played by just about anybody. It’s therefore important for parents to talk to their kids about the game and encourage safe play. Why is it So Popular? While many people may attribute this game’s popularity to its captivating narrative, and superb technical and graphical breakthroughs, there’s no doubt that it has really playable cartoons that have struck an absolutely endless chord with both casual and hardcore players. The game takes place in a very colorful island that is sprinkled with soccer fields, towns, abandoned houses, missile silos and
food trucks. Better still, the characters wear colorful costumes, arrive in a school bus the cruises over the island to build defensive fortresses before blowing each other to the last man standing. More importantly, the game is absolutely FREE and easy to navigate. Epic Games did a marvelous job
in creating a very stable game with simple interfaces and can be played in a wide range of devices including Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, PC, XBox One, iOS, Mac and on Android devices. The In-game Currency
Another important part of the game that has helped enhance its popularity is the in-game currency known as the Fortnite V-Bucks that allow gamers to be rewarded for completing various challenges. If you were wondering how Epic Game makes money from such a hugely popular free game, here is
your answer; an in-game Item Shop where gamers can buy various goodies with the real world currency. You can use real world currency to buy the V-Bucks, which will then enable you to buy cosmetic goodies, as well as new outfits for your character, backblings and many more. Players can
also take advantage of the Battle Pass, which basically analyzes your matches and level you up as you overcome challenges and then rewards you with an exclusive cosmetic gear that can’t be bought in the Item Shop. However, there are various ways to get Fortnite Free V-Bucks without having to whip out your credit card.

How to Get Fortnite Free V-Bucks

There are many ways to get free v-bucks.
Daily Log-Ins One of the easiest, albeit slowest ways to earn some Fortnite free V-Bucks is from daily log-ins. Logging in daily will afford you some small v-bucks, but it’s not the fastest route especially if you are
after the V-Bucks. Battle Pass Challenges Players are afforded the chance to access three free weekly challenges, which often involve finding
some very specific substances across the island. Other challenges may include destroying certain structures or destroying enemies.
Daily Quest System Fortnite offers players rotating missions from its Daily Quest system. Players can get Fortnite free v bucks by completing each one of these challenges. For instance, you can be tasked with destroying 6
Arcade Machine, 3 Fire Trucks, 10 Propane Trucks, 8 Teddy Bears and many more. Completing the Storm Shield Defense Mission
The two versions of the Fortnite game (Save the World and Battle Royale) takes place after the infamous “Storm,” an apocalyptic event that consumes around 98 percent of the world. In the Save the World version, the player is tasked with saving the world from the Husks. You can complete the Storm
Shield Defense task in various locations within the island. Completing these tasks affords you the chance to earn free V-Bucks. For instance, you can establish your storm shield, which will earn you 100 free V-Bucks.
All in all, there’s no doubt that Fortnite is a truly marvelous online game that is way beyond its predecessors and competition in the gaming world. It’s designed with blank slates to allow players to
tell vivid personal stories to add on to the great experience. As it continues to break records, one thing is for sure; you’ll have fun, enjoy yourself and perhaps get to play with or against one of those famous rappers and athletes. No matter which version of the game you prefer, you’ll always come back for more. And oh, you’ll stand the chance to win some free V-Bucks.